El Shino Aguakate (El Vacilón de la Mañana)

Gerpis Correa, singer and song writer, known as “Shino” from the Merengue Tipico Band “Aguakate” is the charismatic and comedic personality on WSKQ’s morning show “El Vacilon De La Mañana”. He is known for his parodies and the ability to do a variety of voice overs from show characters such as DJ Yoggy Yoggy to Ramon Kanibal among others. Shino’s musical group combined innovative arrangements, traditional merengue songs, and reggeaton, and was thus able to bring merengue tipico to new audiences and new venues. Having traveled to Alaska, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada and a vast part of the US, Shino is very well rounded and known. Shino has also collaborated with Krisspy, Ingco Crew, Big Family, Sergio Vargas and Watatah among others.

El Shino Aguakate