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Eddie Fonseca aka DJ Flow has been a music fanatic since the 90's! In his early teenage years growing up in the Bronx, he carefully studied the craft and adapted it to his lifestyle. As the years progressed it was while attending college in 2001, DJ Flow became known as go to Latin DJ at Saint John‘s University. From this point on, DJ Flow got the recognition as a talented DJ and performed in countless events held by different organizations on campus. DJ Flow then began to make appearances in many other colleges/universities all over New York. This then triggered DJ Flow's nightlife journey. He would start spinning at local Clubs, lounges and bars.

In 2008, DJ Flow was introduced as an official LMP ( DJ. It was at this point where the demand for DJ Flow became National and soon after International. Making appearances in about 20 different US states and 5 Countries has allowed DJ Flow to interact with many diverse crowds. His experience as a DJ has grown tremendously throughout the years.

Broadcasting Live on NYC's La Kalle 105.9FM, La Fiesta 98.6FM, X96.3FM and La Mega 97.9FM have all been highlights for DJ Flow. His resume also includes airing mixes on Boston’s Power 102.9FM “Power Mix” and New York's Activa 94.9FM “La Mezcla De Las 8”. You can currently hear DJ Flow “La Mega Mezcla” live on La Mega 97.9FM alongside AJ El Kallejero on Sunday Nights.

DJ Flow's passion for the craft has without a doubt developed into something far more than what he expected back when he was a teenager. DJ Flow wouldn't want it any other way! #FLOWTIME

DJ Flow


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