DJ Chubby Chu

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DJ ChubbyChu, born and raised in the mecca of hip hop Bronx, NY is one of the hottest young talents coming up through the ranks in this music industry. He broke in to the music industry at the young age of 14, studying the art of sound engineering. In 2006 DJ ChubbyChu was introduced to DJ Mode a very well-known and decorated DJ in this music game. DJ Mode who saw talent and potential in DJ ChubbyChu took him under his wing began grooming and molding him. Over the next few years DJ ChubbyChu, still under the guidance and tutelage of DJ Mode began making a name for himself in the tri state area.

DJ ChubbyChu purchased his first DJ Setup at age 17, Where he began to sharpen his DJ skills at local parties and eventually breaking into the top night clubs in the Tri-State area in 2007. DJ ChubbyChu has been in the nightclub scene for over 9 Years. DJ ChubbyChu began to become one of the names that promoters look for. DJ ChubbyChu at the age of only 24 became one of the youngest DJ's in the tri-state area to sign to a Major Radio Station. In 2013 he signed as a DJ/On Air Talent at the world famous La Mega 97.9fm based out of NYC. You can check out DJ ChubbyChu mixing live every weekend on La Mega 97.9fm. He now puts together some of the best mixes you'll hear in the nightlife industry and on radio. DJ ChubbyChu is now recognized not only for his blending skills but also for his ability to adapt to any crowd. DJ ChubbyChu has made more than just a name for himself, he is quickly becoming a brand and with his continued hard work there is no limit to the heights he will reach 

DJ Chubby Chu


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