La Salsa Vive 2016 (Fotos)

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  • Luz

    I bought my tickets when it was just Ruben Blades on the lineup. I waited months for this and being my first time in MSG for a concert I was very excited and anxious. I have to say it was the worst experience EVER! I was and still am very disappointed. The sound was atrocious, appalling, terrible and even dreadful! Unless you were sitting in the orchestra seats you could not make out anything that was being said much less sang. I have been to concerts in the park that sounded so much better then this. This was UNEXCUSABLE and UNFORGIVABLE! I will never go there again for a concert. The couple sitting next to me have been there before for concerts and could not understand why the side speakers were not on that night. When we complained we were told that they had a problem with them earlier but yet nothing was done to correct the problem. It was a terrible experience and if I could get my $200 back I would!

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