Natalia Girado (El Vacilón de la Mañana)

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Natalia Giraldo is an On air personality/ Singer/ Dancer / Actress/ Model. At the age of 19 joined an entertainment band and toured all over the world for five years.

When she returned to the United states, she entered college and graduated with a BS in Communications and a minor in Human Services. Later she took interest in acting and was featured in Spanish programs where she took on various roles. She also worked with WSKQ-FM La Mega 97.9 Morning show doing parodies and radio dramas.

On May 2013 Mega presented (La Nueva temporada) of El Vacilon de la Mañana where she was given the opportunity to work as the traffic reporter and on air personality for the morning show next to Shino Aguakate, Francis Mendez, Renato Morfi, DJ Aneudy and DJ Ash, where she is now currently working.



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